8460/030 Thermal data logger

6-36 analog channels, 16 logic channels

Up to 1μs sampling speed per channel

General board bandwidth: 100kHz

   High voltage board bandwidth: ≥100V: 26kHz

                 10V-100V: 20kHz

                 <10V: 3kHz

   Multiplexer board bandwidth: 1kHz

    Strain gauge board bandwidth: >18kHz

500GB internal hard drive

128M RAM

Test board

    -6 independent channels universal input 500V AC or 1000V DC

    -12 channel multiplexing board (voltage, temperature, pt100)

    -6 independent channels for strain gauges, which can test voltage, pt100 and thermocouple

    -6 independent channels 1000V AC* or 2000V DC*

15.4 inch panoramic TFT touch screen

Interface: Ethernet, USB*6, VGA

Energy analysis of single and binary networks (50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz)

IRIG board option

WiFi optional

IEC1010: CAT III-600V