TH1953 Digit Multimeter

 5 1/2 bit 119999 digits reading

 Test speed up to 1ms

 4.3-inch LCD color display

■ Chinese and English menu

 Small size, front and rear input terminal, easy to shelve

 Histogram, bar graph, trend chart display

 AC low frequency signal can be tested down to 3Hz

 Capacitance test function

 Up to 5V diode test voltage

 Stores data up to 10,000

 Fast Chinese and English help

TH1952 Digit Multimeter

120000 count display

Max. ADC sampling rate can be 200 times/s

 High brightness VFD dual-display

 Standard Handler interface, provide external trigger and 

   sorting signal for production line

 True-rms AC voltage and current test

 Multiple mathematics operation function DCV/ACV/DCI/


   Continuity and dB/dBm

 Other parameters in current test signal displayed in 

   second display

 DCV test accuracy up to 0.012%,resolution up to1μV

 Relative mode(REL)to eliminate remaining reading

 Calibration without opening the case

 Limit function(Limit), for fast sorting

 Data statistics function Max/Min, Max. value, Min. value,

   Average value and number of statistics

 Standard USB interface,provide convenient system 

   communication function

TH1951(EOL) Digit Multimeter

 TH1951 5 1/2 digit display(119,999 counts)

 Max. test speed: 1ms

 High brightness vacuum fluorescent display

 Calibration without opening the case

 True-rms AC voltage and current measurement, bandwidth

   up to 100kHz

 12 different measurements: DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ω2W/Ω4W, 

   Frequency/Period, Diode Test, Continuity, dB/dBm

 DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution up to


 Equal accuracy frequency measurement up to 1.1MHz

 Relative mode(REL) to eliminate residual reading

 2 W, 4W resistance measurement mode selectable

 Built-in mX +b,%, dB, dBm etc. mathematics calculation 


 512 readings storage and MAX/MIN/AVER/STD statistics

 Up to 30,000 readings storage(without statistics)

 HI/IN/LO comparator function

 USB, BPIB and RS-232 Interfaces provide easy 

   system communication

 10 sets of multimeter setup can be stored and loade