TH9410A Ground Resistance Tester

Test current: 1.00-45.00A

Grounding resistance range: 0-600mΩ

Four-terminal test mode to ensure test accuracy

The internal power amplifier circuit drives the current output, which is not affected by the power supply and load

The output holes on the front and rear panels are designed to facilitate the integration of standard chassis

480×272 dots, TFT-LCD display

999.9 seconds test time, which is greater than common 60S test requirements

Keyboard lock function to prevent misoperation

Safety lock function to prevent the instrument from accidentally opening the test state

Store 20 test files, each with 20 test steps

TH9403 Programmable ground resistance tester

Constant current linear amplifier output

Front panel software calibration, high accuracy

No RS232, standard PLC interface

Keyboard lock function

TH9403 and TH9301 are connected to form a two-in-one withstand voltage grounding

   Three-in-one withstand voltage insulation grounding tester, convenient and flexible

TL5703 Ground Resistance Tester

Test current: 0-30A

Grounding resistance range: 0-200/600mΩ

Test current, test resistance and test time are displayed at the same time

Test time can be set arbitrarily

The test alarm value can be set continuously and arbitrarily

Sound and light alarm

TH9411A Ground Resistance Tester