TH8602-2 Cable/Harness Tester

■ Test Pin: 128 pin, four-terminal test

■ Conductance, Transient open and short 

   circuit, Hipot, IR, Component test.

 (Patent) High and low voltage separation 

   technology, insulation impedance>100GΩ

■ Built-in 10A independent DC current source for pressure

   dropping test

 7” TFT LCD TrueColor display screen, 16-bit,

   800X480 resolution

■ Firmware update through U disk

 Selectable Chinese and English operation interface

■ (Patent) 4 high-pressure test modes: a pair of other, 

   dichotomy, automatic test, grounding test.

 Excellent and reliable ARC detection function

 Testing resistance, capacitance, diode and other components

   using four-terminal testing technology

 The module equipped with independent read-write chip 

   detects whether the chip in the wire is working normally

 Support for connector testing 

 Support multi-file testing, providing flexible solutions for

   complex wires

■ Handler supports up to 40 outputs

■ Communication command provides two instruction

   systems: SCPI and Mode Bus

■ Provide instrument self-inspection function, check 

   instrument fault on line

TH8601 Cable/Harness Tester

 AC test frequency: 50Hz-300kHz, 

                 Accuracy: 0.1%

 DC test range: 0V-5V, Accuracy: 10%

 Maximum 128 pin for sweeping and testing

 Insulation resistance of more than 10G

 7”TFT LCD truecolor display screen, 16-bit , 800X480 


 Cotex_M3 processor core

 Selectable Chinese and English operation interface

 Selectable RS232, RS485, GPIB, USB, LAN and Handler


 USB interface can be used for storage of setup files and test 

   data as well as upgrade of the program