Automatic Test System
Power Supply Test System

Expandable hardware architecture, collocation stand-alone according to requirements

Eight-channel simultaneous or four-channel group test, the number of channels can be expanded

Flexible editing and retrieval of test items, customized test plan

Multi-level authority management and perfect information management function

Each channel supports independent barcode or QR code reading function

Online instrument control function

Test program management and editing functions

Statistical report output and editing function

Provide system logs to facilitate fault location and related information query of operators.

It can be connected with supporting tooling and fixtures to realize offline or automated production line testing

The system reserves the IO interface, which can be connected to the automated production line without additional hardware

Graphical interface (operating environment above Windows 2000/XP/7/10)

The system supports multiple communication interfaces (GPIB, USB, RS-232, LAN, etc.)

Winding Component Automatic Test System

Applicable to TH90010 test system (test box connected to TH9201S/TH2882AS)



The system can test turns (Turn), turns ratio, voltage ratio, leakage inductance (LK), inductance (Ls), quality factor (Q), capacitance (Cx), impedance (Z), AC resistance (ACR), Low voltage parameters such as DC resistance (DCR), pin short circuit (PS), balance (BL) and so on. It can also test high voltage parameters such as AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, coil pulse, etc.

High efficiency:

The system can automatically switch from low-voltage parameter test to high-voltage parameter test, so the parameters can be tested at one time, which greatly improves the test efficiency


The system automatically records the test data in the database, the data recording is faster and more reliable, the data storage is more convenient, and the data security is guaranteed

Statistics function:

The system has added various statistical functions, which can count the pass rate of data, CPK value, and can draw control charts, distribution charts and other table diagrams.

High automation:

The system can automatically switch the test of high and low voltage parameters, the test data is automatically saved to the database, and the test data is automatically statistically analyzed

Inductance Bias Feature Test System

Integrated program-controlled operation in Windows operating environment

High system stability, frequency response up to 2MHz

Flexible tailorability and scalability

Very fine current step (0-120A current range)

Three current output modes: single current, step scan, and graphical scan

Real-time operation of all parameters and settings, directly stored and recalled in the software interface

Graphical operation, Chinese and English interface

Provide file storage in three formats: database, Excel, and Txt

Automatic test system cabinet